Coffee with Kim

What happens when life shatters? When your hopes and dreams are no longer possible, can one, can you, can anyone truly triumph over tragedy?

These were the questions asked to open my conversation on “Coffee with Kim”. Listen to the podcast to hear answers to the most critical questions we all ask ourselves when dealing with tragic events and circumstances. 

  • Learn how to overcome obstacles time and time again to find purpose after tragedy using my 6 Step Guide to Overcoming Obstacles
  • Learn how God broke me to get my attention and redirect my life according to his plan
  • Hear the complete story about the quote "a man isn't defeated when he loses, he's defeated when he gives up"
  • Learn how to transition through the phases of denial, survival mode, and acceptance
  • For parents: Learn how to support a child going through a tragic time that is out of your control. 

Here are a few questions I answered during the interview

  • How far down, where did you have to go to inside yourself to get to a landing spot?
  • Where did you go in the depths of darkness before you reached a place where you decided that you would try to prove someone wrong?
  • What did my parents do to give me the strength that brought me back to life and gave me hope? ‚Äč

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