How I Got Here

This past week I had the pleasure of filming the final session of a project LinkedIn is documenting on me to be a feature in their #HowIGotHere series. Thursday began at 7:30am at my home filming my morning routine. After speaking with my mom, and answering emails, I headed off to therapy. 

Promptly at 9:00am I transferred to a mat to get into a harness to practice walking. Film crew and photographer in tow, I had the best walking session to date. I found the rhythm of my walking pattern a lot sooner, I took better strides, I also walked less on my tip toes and flattened my feet on the ground before and after each step.

Next stop was Loyola Bakefield. While there we took some great shots on the football field and talking with students and staff. I’ve been on campus and on the field plenty of times since my injury, however this time was different. Due to the nature of the visit, internally I was a little emotional because it brought back memories of my injury and playing days. Despite that, we had a good session there.

For lunch we had to visit the one and only Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. There was no way they could come to Maryland and not get a real crab cake. The last thing on the agenda was a session at the SAFE Center. This was the perfect way to end our day. We had a full house and two exciting woodshop and crafts projects running.

This has been a very surreal process considering this was never my intention when I started Safe Alternative Foundation for Education.

More on the #HowIGotHere series

It highlights professionals with unique stories to tell about their paths to success. Featured guests share their professional journey, including pivotal moments in their career, key decisions that set them on that path, the skills required for their job and more.

I won’t share much about my back story because it can be read at However, there are a few lessons I’ve learned along my journey to “How I Got Here”

  • Have faith
  • You must have a strong “why” that will guide you through the difficult times throughout your career
  • You must believe in yourself no matter what your current circumstances are
  • Always add value and leave things better than how you found them
  • Build a team and celebrate with them
  • Have a plan and execute

Stay tuned for the release this Spring.