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My Guardian Angel

In an earlier blog, “The Journey to Recovery Begins”, I introduced you to my cousin Tadea.

Tadea and I always had an incredible relationship. Out of all of my family members, he was the closest to me. Having five sisters, he was more like a brother. At times we drove each other crazy. However, whenever I needed something or someone, there was no doubt who I would call. Just like when I tried to escape from the hospital in “The Journey to Recovery Begins”, Tadea was always there for me. We also had a special whistle we would use to get the other's attention when in public.

He was the biggest free spirit. He walked everywhere and befriended a lot of people. He was extremely sociable and would talk to anybody. No matter where we traveled in Baltimore, Tadea knew someone. He was well known for his personality, jokes, and infamous sayings. “I’m blessed by the best”, “Put your 3D glasses on I’m coming right at you”, and “You’re pretty good” were just a few.

Tadea was also well known for his love and ear for music. He could hear every symbol and instru