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With dreams of playing football collegiately and professionally, Van's life was completely changed after breaking his neck during a high school football game. As a result, he was paralyzed from the neck down losing the ability to move, talk, or breath on his own. 

Years after his injury, Van has made an incredible recovery and regained the ability to walk a little. He now uses the lessons he's learned throughout his journey to inspire and impact people worldwide with his powerful message on the importance of an education, a Plan B, and embracing and using adversity. 

Van's Message Will Inspire Everyone

Speaking Topics

The Importance of an Education - After suffering a severe spinal cord injury, Van realized that as long as he had an education, he could still achieve success despite his disability. His power message makes concrete connections for students between their coursework and them attaining their goals.

Using Adversity to Achieve Success - How many times have you faced adversity that you thought was too big to overcome, or would stop you from reaching your goals? Van's message will help the audience understand that adversity isn't meant to break you. Adversity is meant to strengthen and prepare you for the amazing things to come. 

The Path to Purpose - It is through understanding your "Why" that you find your true purpose for your life. Van shares the pivotal moments that occurred along his journey in a way that will help the audience intentionally reflect on their journey to identify and align themselves with their purpose.


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