Van, You're Out of Shape

Tuesday of last week I had a doctors appointment to get a check up to make sure I'm healthy. Before my doctor came in, the nurse took my weight and to my surprise she said I was 183 pounds.
"183 pounds" I responded, "that's the biggest I've ever been since my injury!" I typically weighed in around 170 pounds.

I'm not saying I gained that weight in a few weeks but due to a busy work schedule, I had missed a few gym sessions. So guess what? The next day I went into personal training at 9:00am.
My first exercise was five rounds of boxing, 100 punches each round (500 total). 50 punches in, I stopped and looked up at my trainer. 
Her: with a puzzled look on her face, "what are you doing? You're not done."
Me: arms hurting and gasping for air, "man I'm tired!" 
Her: "that's not my problem, keep punching", as she swings the punching mitten towards me
All I could do was laugh and keep punching. She was right, it wasn't her problem. Just like it wasn't her problem that I'm out of shape, which she reminded me again before leaving, and weigh 183 pounds.
Now you may be wondering why I shared this story with you...Let me explain.

In life things will happen to you that you'll least expect. The good thing about that is you have the final say. You decide what those things mean to you. You also control how you respond to those things.

When the nurse said I wore 183 pounds, I could have easily made an excuse to make myself feel better, complained, or decided not to do nothing about it. Instead, I made the decision to go to the gym.

When my trainer told me to keep punching and that I was out of shape, I could have saw it as a lack of empathy or harsh, gotten upset and not returned. Instead, I decided to change my diet, go to the gym twice this week, tweak my work schedule, and recommit to my weekly training.

Take control and don't let unexpected life events and obstacles defeat you. You deserve to be your best. Your family and friends deserve to receive your best. 

Tomorrow I will send you my new blog that will explain how I found purpose in an unexpected tragedy. I will also explain how I responded and used that tragedy to achieve success.

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P.S If I can overcome my unexpected obstacles so can you. If you need assistance I'm here to help.

You're friend,
Van Brooks