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Finding Purpose in Tragedy

I had totally forgotten what it felt like to walk, so walking again after 8 years was still surreal to me. I watched the video over and over again in disbelief. Repeatedly I asked myself, “Did I really do this? Is this really me?”

It was real and going through this ordeal revealed the purpose for my life. I finally had the answer to the elusive question “Why me?”

But wait…Before I explain my purpose and how I figured it out, I must take you even further back and share how my story began.

I was born and raised in West Baltimore City. I’m the youngest of five and I’m the only boy. I had a very good upbringing and despite the negativity in my immediate environment my parents did an excellent job preparing me to navigate my community. My dad was always hard on me. He reminded me of a drill sergeant in the military movies I watched. I know that his intentions were to bring the best out of me and he knew I would respond best by being challenged. To him, that was the only way to prepare me for the harsh reality of the