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Letter to my Dad

As a young child you were my biggest role model and I tried my hardest to make you happy. However, despite my efforts it seemed as if nothing I did was good enough for you. I didn’t understand why you were so hard on me when I did everything you asked of me. When you would wake me up before the sun rose on weekends and daily during the summer, despite my grogginess, I was happy to tag along with you and learn whatever the lesson you were teaching. I vividly remember that at the end of each day I would be upset because all you would talk about was what I did wrong or what wasn’t to your liking.

After years of disappointment, I began to build resentment towards you. I was your only son and nothing I did made you proud. As I grew older things got worse. I no longer wanted to go to work with you, I know longer wanted to spend time with you, you forced me to go to a school I hated, and you never let up on me. Despite this I would still seek ways of gaining your approval. Once I began playing sports, I thought that would be the solution to make you proud of me. I was determined to excel at every sport I participated in. It took a few years, however I did just that. After all, all dads dream of having a son as a star athlete, right? Well, you rarely came to my games. Whenever I would ask you to attend, your response was always the same. I have to work! Really dad, I would think. You’re going to choose work over me?