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The Journey to Recovery Begins

Hearing that I was getting discharged from Shock Trauma was a HUGE morale booster for me and my family. It meant that my condition was stable. It also meant that I no longer had to endure the drumming on my sides, and the pain of tubes in my nose, throat, and mouth. Despite that, I was terrified, as I was now entering into the next phase of my journey. “What now?” I thought, still unable to talk.

That question would soon be answered, when I was informed that I was heading to a rehabilitation hospital that specializes in working with patients with spinal cord injuries. I’m not going to disclose the name of the hospital, but I was happy to be going there. “I finally get to leave this (Shock Trauma) place and I’m never returning,” I thought ecstatically.

Once I arrived at the rehab hospital and was settled in my room, I hit another milestone. No longer needing a feeding tube, I was able to eat. My first meal since my injury was a grilled cheese sandwich. Thinking about that sandwich now, it was HORRIBLE. It had hard edges, and super thick cheese but at that moment, it was delicious. It was the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. “I wonder if I can have another one”, I thought to myself.